Terms of Use
Published 06/07/2022

Reserved words, brand names, and public figure names are not allowed in handles.

Using people or brand names or likeness without permission is prohibited. Links found to be in violation of the terms will be removed.

If you need to claim a reserved brand or name, or report someone in violation email [email protected]

Don't commit crimes with this app. Granted, I have no idea how you would do that. But if you use this app to commit crimes, we will delete and/or report you without refunds.

What ever you are trying to do, if it's illegal for you to do it off the app where you are at, we won't put up with it either.

You can delete your meetings at any time and delete your account anytime you wish.

If you violate any of these other terms or act like a jerk, we'll terminate your account.

Currently, Meetmonic is free for everyone, relying on donations only.

However, as the project grows, we do intend to charge, using the following logic:.

You are charged per meeting, and for different features.

We use Stripe to process your payments. So we don't capture any of your credit card info.

We can't issue refunds. So all sales are final.

You will see the final purchase price before any purchase.

Each meeting purchase is good for up to 1 year.

After that year, your meeting will purchase will revert back to free mode.

If you fail to renew your meeting after a 14 day grace period, your reserved handle goes back into the available pool.

Sometimes we'll have downtime, it happens. If it happens though, just be patient. We can't promise 100% uptime.

The info we collect from you is to provide your meeting link.

We are not going to use your images or information for ourselves.

That would be weird.

Don't be a jerk or we'll terminate you.

Sorry, that sounded harsh. We'll terminate your account.